How all it works

Monthly Subscription

For a monthly or annual fee based on your developer team size, you get access to everything and anything Statamic. If you have a team of more than 15 developers or have a unique situation (for example, a multi-team University), we can tailor a plan for your needs.

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited site licensing for Statamic Core and any other first party things yet to be released. Build anything and everything you can possibly think of. Twice.

Early & Exclusive Access

You'll have first access to beta versions of Statamic and all first party add-ons, as well as read access to their Github repositiories if you'd like.

That means you can send us Pull Requests if you need a hook added or something core modified to support your development work. We'll do our best to incorporate whatever you need.

Support software you love

By making Statamic available as a platform for anything and everything without incremental cost, you and your teams can leverage it across more projects and sites, while at the same time helping us plan and staff with consistency and confidence.

Who doesn't love a good win/win?