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Throw out that per-site licensing structure.

Statamic Unlimited is designed to help teams and freelancers alike increase profit margins and efficiency by using Statamic. As monthly subscription service, you can use Statamic on as many sites as you’d like for you and your clients. You’ll also have unlimited access to all first-party addons and themes. It’s like a backstage pass for everything Statamic related.

Priced to scale with your company.

You can even save 10% by paying annually.



For freelancers (1 person companies) only. We’ve been there! We priced this plan to help you grow.

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If you’re an agency, dev shop, or company and have 2 or 2,000 people on staff, you’re a team!

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Premium Support

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If you need a Support Level Agreement (SLA), contact us and we’ll work to design a plan to fit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just How Unlimited are we talking about?

Unlimited unlimited. Build as many sites as you want with Statamic and any first party themes and addons. Build anything and everything you can possibly think of. Twice.

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel your plan, your sites won't go offline. A new license will be need to be purchased for each site to run the control panel on production and remove the "Unlicenced Site" message, however.

What about license keys?

You will get one new, global license key. Use that one key on all your sites, and everything will work seamlessly.

Can I share my key?

That you cannot do. That key is meant to be used by you, your company, and your active clients. Any unauthorized use may result in your license being suspended. We hope it never comes to that.

I own a few site licenses. Can I cash those in towards Unlimited?

Unfortunately not, unless purchased within the last 14 days. Hang onto them for a rainy day, give them away in a contest to promote your new site, or get creative.

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